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Libido Max vs ExtenZe: A Comparison between 2 Best Pills for Enhanced Sexual Health, Performance & Pleasure!

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you know the distress and discomfiture it causes. Because of this, you may avoid sexual encounters altogether causing a rift to develop in relationships. But the good news is, you do not have to suffer any longer. You do have remedy options available.

Many men steer clear of sex pills, believing they do more harm than good. In terms of prescription medications, there is some truth in the matter. The only other options available are using herbal supplements or suffering in silence. The latter is unacceptable. While, the former, many consider being dicey. However, that is not true. Erectile dysfunction is not a new problem and men have suffered from the condition for centuries. Before Viagra, men had to turn to natural remedies and did so successfully.

Nowadays, you would notice a shift from Viagra and similar pills to dietary supplements as they are safer (in terms of side effects), available without a prescription, don’t involve awkward consults, and are a lot cheaper. Viagra, Tadalafil, or Cialis have their advantages and they can treat ED effectively. However, they do come with side effects and conditions and a time frame within which you must sexually perform. That is restricting. Herbal male enhancement supplements work on a parallel. Let’s take Viagra for instance. Viagra works by chemically altering the body’s composition, aiding the relaxation of the arteries and muscles in the penis and improving blood flow. As a temporary solution, Viagra works fine. However, it works only if you take the pill and are sexually aroused at the same. This translates to your timing sexual encounters which are odd, to say the least.

Herbal supplements, the good ones at least, address the underlying issues that cause erectile dysfunction. This could be testosterone levels, stress, narrow arteries, or cardiovascular issues. A daily dose of the right herbs in the right quantity and the right combination would help to rectify these issues. The results are not immediate, like Viagra, but if you are looking for a long-term solution to ED, herbal is the way to go.

If you check on the web, you will find only too many natural and safe supplements that claim to remedy erectile dysfunction, and sexual performance and improve overall sexual health. This makes for a difficult choice – how do you know the forgeries from the good ones? You can look for certain markers and if you find them, steer clear of that particular erectile dysfunction drug.

Claims to use herbs and botanicals but promise immediate results. This is not possible as immediate changes can only be brought on by medication.

Mentions the use of steroids or SARMs – these drugs have unpleasant long-term side effects.

Does not mention reviews from customers – many devious brands don’t reveal customer reviews simply to hide negative experiences.

Claims that it should not be used with prescription medication – this is an indicator that the product in question includes certain chemicals that interact with medication.

This is not an attempt to put you off supplements but simply a measure to help you discern the good from the bad. Herbal supplements are, by far, the better alternative.

If you are looking for a male enhancement supplement that could help you with issues like sexual performance, treat ED symptoms and help you with sexual problems, on the whole, we are going to help you make a better decision. ExtenZe and Libido Max are two popular and well-received. They both are natural and safe and can help with sexual function issues. But how do they fare when pitted against one another?

ExtenZe vs. Libido Max: What Are They & What Can They Do?


Created by Leading Edge Health, a pioneer in the supplement industry with successful alternative remedies for a number of medical conditions:

ExtenZe Benefits & Side Effects

With continuous use of ExtenZe, you can experience the following benefits:

There have been no reports of side effects with the use of ExtenZe. It is still advised that you speak to a healthcare professional before you begin the use of this supplement.

Tap to learn more about Extenze, and how it reverses organic erectile dysfunction with 100% safe, natural and legal components.

Libido Max

Libido Max is an offering from Applied Nutrition an herbal supplement intended to alleviate erectile function issues and maximize sexual pleasure. Although the supplement is marketed as a male vitality enhancer, it could also help with erectile dysfunction.

Libido Max Benefits & Side Effects

Manufacturers claim that Libido Max has been developed by doctors but there is little to no further information about its formulation of it. The benefits claimed by the supplement are:

There is no mention of side effects but the official website mentions that Libido Max includes an ingredient that is banned by California law as a drug causing defects in fetuses and reproductive harm. But reviews from users do not mention any such side effects so far.

How Do These Male Enhancement Supplements Work?

To a certain extent, ExtenZe and Libido Max are similar. The fact that they both encourage the male body to do what it does best. It may be because of the fact that both supplements share certain ingredients. The common ingredients are:

  1. L Arginine HCL
    • This amino acid works by relaxing the blood vessels which can help men with erectile dysfunction.
    • L-arginine can naturally boost testosterone production and release by influencing luteinizing hormone in the testes. This leads to all sorts of benefits for sexual health like better sperm quality, motility, and better sex life.
  2. Yohimbe Extract
    The bark of a tree, Yohimbe has been used as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine. It is used as an alternative and organic remedy for:
    • Erectile dysfunction,
    • Athletic performance,
    • High blood pressure,
    • Weight loss,
    • Diabetic neuropathy, and
    • Angina
  3. Horny Goat Weed Extract
    • Although added to many sexual enhancers with a promise of increasing penis size, there are no peer-reviewed studies that confirm that horny goat weed can do so.
    • However, it is an aphrodisiac that can improve erection quality by increasing nitric oxide levels in the blood.
  4. Tribulus Terrestris
    Believed to boost testosterone levels in the body, this herb is added to a lot many male enhancement supps.
    • It may be able to improve sexual performance, build lean muscle mass and boost athletic performance.
  5. Piper Longum/BioPerine®
    BioPerine® is just a registered trademark for piper longum. Pepper plays a key role in male fertility by boosting testosterone and other hormones vital for male sexuality. It also increases sperm count, quality, and motility.

Exclusive ExtenZe Ingredients

  1. Niacin
    • It has been clinically proven that niacin can improve erectile dysfunction symptoms. It can do so by reducing free radical damage to the testes and the blood vessels of the penis encouraging blood flow and testosterone release. It may not be able to cure ED on its own but can facilitate or speed up the process.
  2. Folic Acid
    A study proved that when supplemented with folic acid, those with ED experienced a lesser frequency of failures. This is particularly true for men with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. It also increases testosterone levels.

  3. Velvet Bean Extract
    • Used in traditional Indian medicine for male sexual issues, velvet bean is known to help particularly with ED, premature ejaculation, and low sperm count.
    • The herb exhibits fertility-boosting properties even though it does not function as an aphrodisiac.
  4. DHEA
    • DHEA is a precursor of testosterone so boosting DHEA levels would facilitate a boost in testosterone levels.
    • Some men use it to improve muscle gains and strength but clinically this has not been proven yet. You will see changes in sexual function while supplementing DHEA.
  5. Maca
    • This root is a known aphrodisiac and fertility booster in men.
    • Maca can boost sperm production, thicken semen, and even has some nootropic benefits.
    • It has shown some success with treating erectile dysfunction.
  6. Cnidium Monnieri
    A pro-erectile function flower from China, Cnidium contains ostiole– a bioactive with properties similar to Viagra. By boosting nitric oxide levels and increasing sexual desire at the same time, it can possibly alleviate erectile issues.

  7. Zinc
    • Zinc can be used to correct a variety of health conditions, one of which is fertility and sexuality.
    • Studies confirmed that zinc supplementation led to harder erections, longer-lasting erections, and a boost in libido altogether.
    • Zinc also boosts sperm production.
  8. Pregnenolone
    • This naturally-occurring hormone precursor is usually the active ingredient in a nootropic supplement because of its ability to replenish the synapse of nerve cells.
    • It may be added to ExtenZe because of its ability to boost testosterone production.
  9. Muira Puama
    This South American bush is the most popular active ingredient for male sexual supplements.
    • A potent aphrodisiac, the herb contains sterols that are needed for steroid hormone production.
    • It can also either be consumed or applied topically for relief from erectile issues.
  10. Astragalus
    A potent herb that supports the nervous and immune system, Astragalus can improve sexual stamina and sperm count.

Exclusive Libido Max Ingredients

  1. Ashwagandha
    Ashwagandha is an all-in-one herb from India that is a remedy for many ailments.
    • Used for insomnia and stress relief, the herb is also an aphrodisiac and has performance-improving properties.
    • Ashwagandha can remedy low testosterone, fertility issues, and low libido.
  2. Dimethylglycine
    DMG is an amino acid used for building proteins in the body and is used along with vitamin D as a holistic remedy for male erectile function issues.
    DMG can also benefit:
    • Athletic performance, and cognitive function,
    • Improve energy production and
    • Bolster the immune system.
  3. L-Tyrosine
    • Another amino acid, l-tyrosine helps to dilate the blood vessels in the penis, improving blood circulation and facilitating an erection.
    • Tyrosine can also improve mood and help with anxiety or depression.
  4. Cayenne Powder
    • Chilis can improve blood flow and can provide the body with all the vital nutrients required to raise testosterone levels.
    • The actual science is still a mystery but chilis can also encourage libido.
  5. CDP-Choline
    Adult men need at least 550mg a day of choline for the optimum function of many biochemical processes. One such process is keeping the blood vessels healthy and free of oxidative stress. This process directly influences erections.

  6. Asian Ginseng
    Also known as Korean ginseng, this herb on its own cannot remedy ED but when used in conjunction with several other herbal elements can reduce the frequency of erectile failure.

  7. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide
    • NAD is a naturally-occurring coenzyme that has powerful anti-aging properties.
    • This includes the ability to arrest falling testosterone levels and the incidence of ED.
  8. Ginger Extract
    • Ginger has been associated with greater NO–nitric oxide production which directly influences ED and blood flow to the male organ.

As you may be aware, many male enhancement supplements include hidden ingredients to improve efficacy. On that front, both ExtenZe and Libido Max are equally matched. They are both transparent about what they include in their formulae.

How Do ExtenZe & Libido Max Differ?

If you are looking for a product that can give you a long-lasting erection, chances are that either male enhancement supplement can help. There are several points of difference though.

The intent of the products for one. Both can be used for treating erectile dysfunction but only ExtenZe mentions that as a possible outcome. Libido Max is a product aimed at improving erectile function and pleasure.

The dosage for ExtenZe is easy – a pill a day. Dosages of individual components are relatively small and would not affect the body the wrong way around. Libido Max is another story. One has to check for sensitivity and the doses can be determined by the user. It is with supplements like these that users either overdose or do not take enough of to see any results.

The effectiveness of a product can be judged from the experience of customers. A systematic review of reviews for each product revealed that though both supplements have mixed reviews, many Libido Max users mentioned seeing no change whatsoever.

What are the Cost & Purchase Options of ExtenZe and Libido Max?

The best way to buy these male enhancement supplements is directly from the official website. This would make for easy ordering, discounts are available and, if needed, the refund process is simpler.


For ExtenZe, click here to visit the official website and place your order securely.

Every purchase of ExtenZe is covered by a 67-day money-back guarantee. You could return an empty box and you would still get your refund, no questions asked. Shipping is free as well for people living in the United States.

Libido Max

Libido Max can be purchased from Amazon, Walmart, GNC, or its official site. One bottle would contain 75 soft gel capsules. However, if you take 4 capsules a day, you would need 2 bottles a month. This would up the price.

Both products could be bought from your local drug stores as well, but the guarantee might not be applicable in that case.


Q1. How soon can you expect results?

Ans.: Results for natural supplements are affected by age, genetics, health, and diet. So, the best ExtenZe and Libido Max can give you is a window. It is best if you continuously use the supplement of your choice for at least 3 months so that you can enjoy maximum benefits.

Q2. Are these products safe?

Ans.: These supplements are intended to correct erectile dysfunction and reinvigorate failing sexual health. They use only natural ingredients that are considered to be safe. Just to be sure, speak to a healthcare professional before you begin the use of the products.

Q3. Will benefits stop if use is stopped?

Ans.: Yes, benefits would stop. The natural ingredients help to make up for nutritional gaps and correct hormonal imbalances in the body. Once you stop using the supplements, the benefits would also lessen to a degree.

Q4. Would these products permanently affect hormone activity or body function?

Ans.: There is no damage or disruption to normal hormones or physiological activity. These products are designed to enhance the already existing functions in the body. No hampering is done or caused.

ExtenZe vs. Libido Max: A Quick Recap

Here’s a quick recap of all we know so far.

 Leading Edge Health ExtenZeApplied Nutrition Libido Max
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Has no side effects
  • Has several health benefits
  • No prescription is needed
  • Easy refund process
  • Affordable
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Can potentially improve aspects of health
  • No prescription is needed
  • Affordable
  • Cannot be used by athletes
  • Does not work at the same speed as Viagra
  • Confusing dosage
  • Has a few side effects
  • No free shipping
  • Uses components that are considered dangerous by certain states
Dosage1 pill a day1 to 4 pills a day
Refund67-day money-back guaranteeNo specific policy in place
Where to Buy the Best Male Enhance Pills?Click Here to Buy ExtenZe from its Official Website.Visit Amazon, GNC, or Walmart to make a purchase.

Summary & Verdict

If you are looking for a natural and effective way to treat ED, then going the herbal supplement path is a viable option. ExtenZe and Libido Max are two such products intended to help you remedy issues like ED, inadequate sexual performance, incomplete sexual function, and fertility issues.

Of the two, the ExtenZe male enhancement product comes out as the better supplement when compared to Libido Max.

  1. For starters, ExtenZe is easy to use. Libido Max has to be tested for sensitivity, and when leaving dosage issues to end users, there is always the possibility of over or under-dosing.
  2. Secondly, ExtenZe is safe to use in all of the American states.
  3. The Free shipping and an easy return policy offered by ExtenZe are just icing on the cake.
  4. Besides, ExtenZe is designed to treat ED while Libido Max is marketed as a sexual enhancer.

ExtenZe is what we recommend so that you can safely and surely enjoy your sex life again.

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