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Har Vokse: Is This Supplement the Solution to Perfect Hairline?

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It does not seem like much but hair loss is a genuine problem. Apart from an exposed scalp, it can lead to very real self-image issues. In some cases, it can lead to the loss of self-confidence, self-loathing, loss of self-esteem, and even depression. Hair loss may appear to be a superficial problem but it affects thousands of people worldwide with little regard for gender. Even with body-positivity movements, one can’t help but feel lesser than for not having the right amount, texture, color, length, or health of hair. And this may be happening to you too.

You are possibly here because you have tried the hair spas, the conditioners, the shampoos, the home remedies, and the hot oil treatment that everyone swears by – no dice? Chances are that you have already smeared your head with all forms of mixtures looking for something that could help you. The biggest concerns now are:

a) How can you stop your hair from falling out? and

b) Why is it falling out in the first place?

A lot of factors can cause hair loss and here are a few that maybe can answer the second question.

Causes for Declining Hair Health

Whatever the reason for your hair problems there is always a solution – If caught early enough, you can arrest and maybe even reverse the damage done.

Another major cause of hair trouble is nutrition. Didn’t see that coming did you?  Hair follicle cells are one of the fastest dividing cells in the body and therefore, need a lot of nutrition. If for some reason, they do not receive their fuel, the cells divide slower or not at all leading to hair damage. For a healthy hair shaft – the bits that stick out of your scalp and the hair follicles- the roots that hold the shaft down, you need a steady supply of iron, zinc, copper, biotin, vitamin D & B12, folate, and riboflavin.  If you’re looking for better hair, eat right, stop restricting calcium or protein intake and put weight loss in the backseat for a while.

Or you could try a hair restoration therapy in the form of hair supplements. Har Vokse promises to give you a head full of thick hair, strengthen the follicles, and stop the natural thinning of the hair – All that for no prescription. You may think that Har Vokse is all hype and no work but that is not true – this hair product is the result of years of research and it all began with the hypothesis that fish protein may work for hair loss. Har Vokse prevents hair loss, stimulates hair growth, and prevents premature greying. Moreover, Har Vokse does not just work on a particular it works for all and it works well.

The Inner Working of Har Vokse

So how does Har Vokse hold up against other hair growth supplements on the market? For starters, Har Vokse had an extensive amount of research go into it before it was launched. To the point where it showed positive results on 63.9% of participants that took part in the study. No one else can claim that. What’s more, Har Vokse is all-natural and safe. Even shampoos include chemicals in the recipe but Har Vokse does not. It allows nature to do the work for you.

Here’s the Har Vokse promise:

All you must do is take 2 capsules a day with water. You can have it at any time of the day and it is recommended that you continue its use for 3 months at the least. That way you get the best results and the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your hair needs will be in abundant supply.

Learn why the Har Vokse is an easy way to keep your hair looking great!

Har Vokse Ingredients

The Har Vokse claims do seem a little steep but the company uses a special formula that allows those claims to be met. The ingredients are pure, natural, and sourced from all around the world. They have been clinically tested and backed with research to ensure that you and your hair are both left perfectly healthy. So confident is Har Vokse that it even provides a 60-day money-back guarantee should you feel that the supplement has not worked for you. With Har Vokse, hair growth should be easy as pie – apparently. So, let’s take a good look at the Har Vokse ingredients and see what they do for you.

  1. Vitamin E:
    Vitamin E is a popular antioxidant and can reduce the free radical damage that has been caused to the body. It has been used since the 1950s as a potion for skin to reverse the effects of aging, inflammation, and sun damage. Only recently has E been cited as an element for hair health. A trial conducted in 2010 proved that vitamin E was capable of reducing hair and inducing new hair growth. This is because, as an anti-oxidant, E reduced oxidative stress damage to the scalp.

    It can even improve the circulation of blood to the scalp ensuring that the follicles have a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients. This vitamin also creates a protective layer over the surface of the scalp which keeps the moisture in – no more frizzy hair. A vitamin E-enriched oil can also replace the protective sheen on the hair shaft making your hair appear healthier and providing glossier hair. Har Vokse has included vitamin E for all these benefits but the most important of all is that this vitamin can keep the scalp healthy and free from infection so that your stronger hair has a good base to start from.

  2. Vitamin B6:
    Also known as pyridoxine, vitamin B6 is essential for the body to convert food into energy and fight infections. B6 also plays a central role in cell metabolism, assisting cystine – an essential amino acid, in the hair-building process. Recent research concluded that vitamin B6 could prevent alopecia and could also help in developing new hair shafts from follicles.

    Hair loss is an inevitable after-effect of cancer treatment but vitamin B6 has been able to build new hair post radiation therapy. Since it acts as a catalyst, vitamin B6 activates the enzymes and reactions that start the metabolism of hair production, keratin– key structural material for hair, and melanin – hair and skin pigment, in the hair follicles. This ensures that the hair follicles have all the building blocks necessary for thicker hair growth and renewal.

  3. Selenium:
    Many enzymes in the body use selenium to work for them and that makes them more reactive. Selenium is more concentrated in the thyroid as it is key to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and its hormones. The hormone then plays a role in preventing hair loss, especially from the kind that causes pattern baldness.

    Selenium also plays an active role in the regeneration of anti-oxidative agents in the body. These agents then go on to promote hair re-growth by killing off free radicals. In addition to all of this, selenium sulfide is typically used to treat dandruff so you will find this in your regular anti-dandruff shampoos. It can also bind with protein-rich foods to help with hair nourishment. A word of caution though, selenium aggravates skin and hair degeneration when used in excess. It is thus advised not to use selenium without proper medical instruction or caution. Very little is required to aid hair growth and the Har Vokse has it in recommended quantities.

  4. L-Arginine:
    Arginine is the building block for synthesizing protein naturally produced in the body but the body does not produce enough of it to meet certain health conditions. Hair loss is one of them. The Har Vokse supplement uses L-arginine as it relaxes the blood vessels in the scalp and improves blood flow. It is also ideal to heal wounds. So, if you do suffer from scalp infections or lesions, l-arginine will help out with that.

    Furthermore, the effects of L-arginine fortify the existing hair follicles with nutrient and protein-rich blood which stimulates the regeneration of hair cells and strengthens the existing hair from within.

  5. Copper:
    Copper is a trace mineral essential to a healthy life. It works with iron to form red blood cells. It is indispensable for healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves, and a healthy immune system. Science has now found a new cure for lost hair using Cu-GHK – a peptide that can regrow hair. This component can be found in the body but as we age the levels drop. It alleviates hair loss, protects hair follicles, and increases existing hair follicle size. 

    Copper can also help to block DHT – a hormone that can curb hair growth and prevent the loss of hair follicles from damage. Copper can make hair stronger and prevent hair thinning giving hair a thicker and fuller appearance. Fat cells in the scalp are increased by copper promoting hair growth and beautiful hair that is more elastic and bouncier.

  6. L-Cysteine:
    L-cysteine is a non-essential amino acid and is used for the synthesizing of proteins. It has a critical role in overall hair health. It holds keratin bonds together within the hair, locking in moisture and making hair thicker. Har Vokse uses this amino acid so that you have beautiful hair that is strong. The keratin bonds in the hair hold better so that you no longer have to deal with brittle or unmanageable hair.

    Besides this, a study concluded that doses of l-cysteine could maintain the tensile strength of hair and promote hair growth. It also helps the metabolism of vitamin B7 – biotin, which is a nutrient essential to hair growth.

  7. Biotin
    Another addition to the Har Vokse formula, Biotin is another name for vitamin B7 and is sometimes referred to as vitamin H. It is needed by the body to process food and it is crucial to the production of keratin – the protein that makes up hair, skin, and nails. More and more skin and hair products now involve biotin as an ingredient as it has been proved to be beneficial. A study showed that when supplemented with biotin, women found lesser hair loss, stronger hair, and thicker locks. It was also found that women who experienced hair loss had a biotin deficiency to some degree. To wrap it up, biotin has the capacity to initiate hair regrowth, keep the scalp healthy, and provide the hair with shine.

  8. Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen:
    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, found in bone, muscle, blood vessels, hair, and skin tissue. As you age collagen production decreases which leads to things like wrinkles, weak bones and muscles, and joint pain. Marine collagen comes from the skin of fish and hydrolyzed means the collagen that has undergone hydrolysis – breaking collagen down into more digestible collagen peptides for maximum effectiveness.

    Marine collagen is usually used in skin and hair growth products as it can slow the aging process down and provide the body with enough collagen to keep the body looking and, to some extent, feeling younger. In Har Vokse, it is used to provide the amino acids to build hair and to fight the damage that may have been caused to the hair follicles. Hair thinning is sometimes found with age and marine collagen may be able to slow it down if not arrest it completely. It may be able to stop premature graying of the locks as well, but more research is needed on that count.

  9. Rosemary Leaf Extract:
    Lots of hair products are beginning to add rosemary leaf to their formulae as the recently discovered benefits of this ingredient for hair are too numerous to ignore. Rosemary stimulates the blood circulation to the scalp which then results in a healthier base for hair regrowth. The body has a natural hair rejuvenating system and it needs a little help sometimes – rosemary helps. It works more on the scalp than on the hair itself.

    It has an antibacterial property that cleanses the scalp of excess oils and unhealthy microbesto the extent that it can even soothe scalp infections and dandruff. Most people just rub some rosemary essential oil into the scalp but with Har Vokse you would be ingesting the component making it more effective as it works better from the inside out.

  10. Amla Extract:
    Amla, the Indian gooseberry, has been a part of Indian hair care since the times of Moguls. All parts of the amla tree are considered medicinal, the fruit is judged to be the most potent as it has high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants. Amla oil has been directly applied to the hair since the ancients and is still in use today. Amla extract inhibits 5-alpha reductase – a cause of male baldness and has the potential to arrest the receding hairline.
    • Amla can strengthen the scalp and hair,
    • Reduce the loss of hair pigment,
    • Stimulate hair regrowth,
    • Stops hair loss,
    • Prevents hair and scalp infections,
    • Has antifungal and antibacterial properties,
    • And can improve the overall appearance of hair.

Har Vokse Benefits & Side Effects

Looking at the components above, it is clear to see that Har Vokse only uses natural ingredients that benefit you and your hair. No harsh chemicals in sight so you can rest assured that the supplement is capable of no damage. When you use Har Vokse, you will see the following benefits:

Who is Har Vokse for? When can a user notice improvements?

What is best is that most hair products are either designated for men or women. Har Vokse does not do that. Regardless of your gender, the product will work for you.

With continuous use, Har Vokse should begin to show results as quickly as two weeks as the supplement would begin to work on the scalp – which would appear soft, hydrated, and clear of infection.

  1. By the one-month mark, you would notice glossier hair and a return of the original hair color.
  2. By two months, the existing hair would be nourished and fortified and you should see signs of hair regrowth.
  3. Receding hair lines would stop by 3 months.

Har Vokse customer reviews are testament enough to the efficacy of the product. You can read them in depth at the official website.

There are no side effects to the product as natural ingredients do not work in a way that can cause damage. However, there is a chance that you may be allergic or intolerant to one or more of the ingredients. As a rule, consult your licensed healthcare provider before you begin any supplement.

Did You Know?

Har Vokse is the world’s first natural hair care supplement. Hair care, however, has been an obsession with us, humans, for a long time. Some methods are still followed today while others have been cast aside in light of new research and study. The methods that are still practiced to date have shown promise to some degree which is why they still exist.

For instance, the Indians have been oiling hair for so long it has even been mentioned in the Mahabharata – an ancient Indian text. It was done to keep hair glossy, and healthy, and even to induce growth. The practice still exists.

In China, fermented rice water was used to encourage the growth and strength of hair. It was and still is, used today as a shampoo, of sorts. The water from cooked rice is stored and left to ferment for at least seven days, post which it was used to wash the hair. It is still practiced in China.

The Ancient Egyptians used castor oil and almond oil to moisturize and protect hair. Now, this is most often done at the time of weddings. But back then, it was done daily to promote dark and healthy hair. Copper-colored hair was a sign of poverty.

Native Americans had a different approach to hair care. Certain roots or tree barks were rubbed into a shallow pan of water to make suds and then used to wash hair. Yucca was used as a baby shampoo to encourage good hair for the newborn.

Is Har Vokse Worth Buying?

Yes, it is – for several reasons. It is a natural food supplement that uses safe and natural ingredients so there is no fear of side effects or harsh chemicals. Har Vokse works because the ingredients it uses all contribute to strengthening existing hair, alleviating hair loss, and fortifying hair structure. And the best par tis, it works on all hair types and it can be used by men and women, alike.

Once you buy Har Vokse, you provide your hair and scalp with all the essential nutrients they need to thrive and be healthy which will lead to the promotion of hair regrowth, preventing premature greying, and the end of hair loss

Har Vokse reviews are all positive, regardless of whether they come from individual users or independent review forums. There isn’t a bad word out there for the product.

A 60-day money-back guarantee is also provided should you not be happy with the product – the chances of which are rather slight.

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Customer Reviews

Nash G., (Atlanta, United States):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I had been losing hair for a few years and had tried a few products with no success. A friend recommended Har Vokse and after using it for a few months, I started to see results. My hair is now thicker and fuller than it has been in years. I’m very happy with the results.”

Louis V., (Toronto, Canada):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Regular use of Har Vokse strengthens hair follicles and helps to prevent hair loss. I am really happy with the results especially when I see less hair fall while combing and shampooing.”

Callum P., (Canberra, Australia):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Har Vokse is an excellent supplement that revived my hairline. I started to see new hair growth within a few weeks of using it. My barber even commented on how my hair looked much healthier. It is very easy to use – just take two pills a day. I’m very happy with the results and one can buy it without any prescription which is a plus.”

Damien C., (Leeds, United Kingdom):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I started losing hair at a young age and it really affected my self-esteem. I tried a lot of different products but nothing worked. I was so down and depressed, that I even considered a hair transplant. But then I found Har Vokse. This product has completely changed my life. It has stopped my hair loss and made my hair thicker and stronger. Thanks, Har Vokse!”

Niko C., (Woodlands, Singapore):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I am so pleased with Har Vokse! I have been using it for 6 weeks and have seen a significant decrease in the amount of hair in my brush each day. My hair also feels stronger and healthier. I would highly suggest this product to anyone experiencing hair thinning.”

Shehnaz S., (Dubai, UAE):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Har Vokse is a great product that works well for all hair type. It is easy to use and leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth.”


 You are frustrated with your thinning hair and want to do something about it. You’ve tried other supplements and they didn’t work. Har Vokse is a good solution for you because it contains the highest quality ingredients, which have been carefully selected to provide optimal results. And unlike most other hair growth supplements, it contains no fillers or artificial ingredients.

The bottom line is that Har Vokse works using clean and safe components and it works well. It is strongly recommended as a buy.

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